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Angelo's of Mulberry Street: Authenticity in Lil Italy

Angelo's of Mulberry Street: Authenticity in Lil Italy

To dine at Angelo's is to take a step back into old Little Italy. The Italian-tongued white coat waiters, classic Southern Italian fare and good fellas ambiance blend together for a reserved moment in time. It's also home to my favorite pasta dish in the United States; the linguine nere arrabiate.

Every Christmas season, my family and I make the pilgrimage from Long Island to Little Italy. It's come to be a family tradition that's benchmarked by a proper meal at Angelo's of Mulberry Street.

The establishment swung open its doors in 1902 and in some ways you can feel the history pulsing from its walls from front to back. At night, each of the dining rooms is set alive to the tune of conversation, laughter and forging memories. Over the past century these moments of life have left their mark in Angelo's energy solidifying its spot among Little Italy's top eateries.

After visiting Angelo's for more than a decade, my family and I have gathered a list of "Can't Go Wrong" dishes that I'd recommend without fail at Angelo's. None though are more important than the Linguine Nere Arrabiate. The "special" dish has been featured on the menu for years and has taken the throne as my favorite pasta dish in any restaurant I've visited. It's an artful blend of spice, seafood and briny flavor that I've gotten lost in every year since I could remember. If you go here solely for that dish (which comes in at $30 and WELL worth it), you will leave supremely satisfied. 

Funghi Selvatici Di Bosco Saltati; a subtly spicy blend of wild mushrooms, peppers, garlic & herbs. A gorgeous blend of flavors.

Calamari Fritti; never greasy, crust done nicely and always tender to the bite. 

Veal/Chicken Sorrentino; succulent meat layered with Italian prosciutto, eggplant and mozzarella in a savory wine sauce. 

Linguine Nere Arrabiate; al dente black squid ink linguine with a spicy tomato crab sauce and crowned with prawn. 

Spaghetti & Sauce; one of the best pastas & sauces I've ever had in the world.. 

You'll notice that every plate I've listed is known as an "Italian classic" - but these dishes are not the same you'll find at your local Italian eatery. They are THE originals, solidifying each recipe's fame and longevity in Italian restaurant culture. In some ways, Angelo's holds the crown for the essence of traditional New-York-Italian dining and you'll understand exactly what I mean after you dine there.

Always hungry,


A| 146 Mulberry Street, Little Italy, Manhattan, NYC

T| (212) 966-1277

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