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Barnacles Hostel: Doing Dublin Right

Barnacles Hostel: Doing Dublin Right

It’s a hazy night in Dublin, Ireland. Guinness has been flowing from the lips of Temple Bar’s taps as thunderous cheers echo with the rip of every shot of Jameson. Both tourist and local footsteps canvas the culture cobbled streets as conversations flow through the air in every language under the sun. The warmth of intoxication helps alleviate the chill in the air but also serves as a reminder that it’s time to get back home. 

Yet when you’re in a foreign country and the water of life is swimming freely through your veins, where do you have to call home? For me, it was a place called Barnacles’ Hostel. 

Within a stone’s throw of nearly every watering hole in Temple Bar, Barnacles stands out for its luxurious convenience. Nearly every night I was only a stumble away from a warm, safe bed. 


Now I know what you’re thinking; a HOSTEL?!

“Bloody hell, ’m going to be kidnapped! Sold to Russia! Too risky!”

“Ew, bed bugs!”

“People will steal all my shit!”  

“Sleeping in a room filled with people I don’t know?” 

“AND I have to share a toilet with them?”

Stop thinking. 

Personally, I always prefer to travel under the umbrella of luxury, however, I am a firm believer in a good hostel. Barnacles’ doesn’t just serve up convenience, they’re serving up a culture. They’ve built a lifestyle around their facility by offering super kind service, supreme intel into Dublin’s local scene and activities that bolster the idea of making friends with complete strangers. And did I mention it’s all at an insanely affordable price? 

Sleeping in shared rooms not your thing? 

Honestly, me either but Barnacles’ has options. My buddy and I opted for a two person room which came equip with double bunks and a private bathroom. However the traditional hostel experience is available in rooms of 6 people, 4 people or 3 people. 


Most of all I felt safe at Barnacles, which is a vital aspect to any lodging experience while abroad. There was something comforting about seeing their warm green light glowing as we turned the corner from the party block and found ourselves back home in mere seconds after a night crushing the Temple Bar scene. 

Although we didn’t dive head first into sharing a room with others, we did not miss out on the community aspect of the hostel. From early mornings where the communal kitchen was abuzz to working alongside other entrepreneurs in the lounge room, there was never a shortage of energy exchange. The best part is that you never know who you’ll meet! I learned several new cooking tips from an Indian dude over a cup of coffee and even had parts of my novel read over by a Cambridge student. 

Barnacles’ Hostel is every Twenty-Something-Who-Wants-To-Travel-The-World-But-Is-On-A-Limited-Budget’s golden ticket to Dublin. The pristine location is unbeatable. The affordability make everything possible. And the best part is, it’s all housed under real good quality. This just may be the excuse you were looking for to book those plane tickets. 

Are you ready to take an adventure?

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