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Bar Pitti: Where Dreams of Truffle Come True

Bar Pitti: Where Dreams of Truffle Come True

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [The Grubfather]

On a hazy New York City day, I found myself drifting through Manhattan's West Village. Overcome by a ravenous hunger that could only be cured by the succulence of pasta, I scanned over my options. It was then that I realized I was within walking distance of the critically acclaimed Bar Pitti. My feet couldn't move fast enough. 

Bar Pitti has been covered by all of your favorite food websites, bloggers and Instagrammers. How could I dare not indulge? When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see Bar Pitti holds tight to its Tuscan heritage by emulating exactly what an Italian bar is; a place to congregate, socialize and feast on simplistic dishes without glitz and glam. 

Having arrived at 3:30pm, I was saved the insanity of the lunch & dinner rush and was seated promptly. I was greeted by an Italian accented wait staff, fresh bread, olive oil and a black chalk board loaded with specials in the I-talian language. 

My decision was made easy as I was immediately intrigued by the "Taglierini al Tartufo Nero", a dish that boasted spaghetti like pasta adorned in black truffles. Coming in at $30 a plate, it may not be the cheapest pasta, but as a truffle fanatic, I knew it was something I couldn't pass up. Thank God I didn't. 

The pasta was quite obviously made fresh as the quality was high and the sauce that it was decked out in was creamy and dashed with black pepper. There alone I could have died a happy man. Yet, it was the generous amount of shaved black truffles that coated the plate that sent me into a bliss unlike I've ever known. The aromas and distinct truffle flavor blended beautifully with the pasta and cream. Truffle lovers cannot afford to miss out on this, especially since many are so accustomed to tasting fraudulent "truffle oil" ridden dishes. At Bar Pitti, you'll find the real truffle deal. 

Disclaimer: This dish was featured on their blackboard special list. I asked how long it would be on the menu and they assured me for quite some time. Give them a call before you make a big venture here specifically for this dish to ensure it's still on their roster. Either way, I'm sure you'll be pleased with what you find. Mangia!


A| 268 6th Avenue, West Village, Manhattan

T| (212) 982-3300

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