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BEC: Hip & Homestyle NYC Brunching

BEC: Hip & Homestyle NYC Brunching

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [The Grubfather]

BEC had been popping up all over my Instagram feed for the past year. The concept presented itself fairly simply: Bacon. Egg. Cheese. It had received a stamp of approval from NYC's top foodies and on a Friday afternoon I found myself there, inspired by its bright aesthetic and owner Jessica's vibrant enthusiasm. 

Given BEC (bacon, egg, cheese), you could imagine that it's reputation hasn't always been rooted in health conscious eats. Sandwiches both simple and a bit complex grace a menu that will feel like home to brunch diners. However, with the focus of health coming more under the radar, BEC sought to bring something new to the table, cue their breakfast bowls. These give diners the option to skip the bread and throw every sandwich into a bowl with their choice of grain. 

When @FeedYourSoulll creator Gissele Alzate first told me about the new program, I was excited to give it a try. Breakfast and brunching play such a vital role in the NYC food scene. Giving people high quality options that are both delicious and healthy is important. 

My first compare and contrast was between BEC's sandwich The Godmother and healthy alter ego in a bowl. The ingredient list was right up my alley with pesto, prosciutto, egg, salami, mozzarella and spinach taking the front seat. The sandwich was not only indulgent but its healthy counterpart was just as enjoyable. Most notable, their pesto, which I later found out had walnut in it.

A group of us continued our way through the menu, sinking into breakfast sandwiches & bowls, avocado toast and java. Everything came out with bright presentation and wholesome flavor. The interior's glowing aesthetic was a great mirror to its menu. However, be warned, this is not a place to post up for work as there is no wifi. The goal, from what I perceived, is simple: Come in, feast, enjoy and continue on. This isn't a bad thing as it voids BEC of cafe woes like over-used tables. 

BEC is a great place to congregate with friends and family alike for a quality breakfast/brunch. The mimosas are bubbly and the coffee/cold brew is on point. Brunch lovers will appreciate.

Always hunry,

Salvatore DiBenedetto

Visit BEC's Website

A| 148 8TH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10011

T| (212) 633-8020

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