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Jansz: Experience Sophistication in Amsterdam

Jansz: Experience Sophistication in Amsterdam

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [The Grubfather]

I had passed Jansz several times whilst roaming the roads of Amsterdam. The outside had continuously intrigued me with its elegant and sophisticated design. My curiosity peaked after the 4th rendezvous and I found myself wandering inside. The interior was draped in Manhattan flares and I felt right at home in the warmth of the candlelight. 

Jansz is perhaps one of the most stylish places in Amsterdam. Its ambiance beckons to those who appreciate the finer things in life while an open faced kitchen humbles its interior with dramatic action. Classically refined dishes come crafted from the hands of artistic chefs. Elegant wine glasses and soft lighting adorn the room, setting the mood for a romantic meal.

But I wasn’t here for romance… I was here to grub and that’s exactly what we did. Armed with ravenous appetites, Pete and I dove face first into my first birthday meal. 

As the ensuing flow of wine varietals graced my glass, paired to each new dish, I came to appreciate Jansz's core. Buzzing in this synergy of wine, I turned my head right and was greeted to one of Amsterdam’s bustling canals. Slowly I found Jansz to embody Amsterdam’s unspoken elegance, a silent whisper of beautiful music that made you happy to be alive. 

This was my first of two birthday dinners (yep, that’s how I roll), so we kept it relatively light. 


Fine De Claire Oysters: French oysters with a bright, sweet flavor profile.

Diver Scallops: Tender and succulent, cooked excellently.  

Wild Mushrooms & Cauliflower: Earth notes that vegetable lovers will deeply appreciate. 


Glazed Duck: Beautiful presentation and showcase of duck’s potential. 

Lobster Risotto: Brimming with lobster meat and soulfully satisfying. However, I’d say this dish is best reserved for a second or third visit to Jansz as I feel other dishes would highlight Jansz’s culinary perspective better. 

Following the meal, we had a chance to speak with Jansz’ Executive Chef, Cassidy Hallman, who had just moved to Amsterdam from New York City. After conversing over our native city and the infectious appreciation of Amsterdam, I understood Hallman and Jansz's mission to infuse classical dishes with a Dutch influence. The team there is eager to perform and it shows in every aspect of the operation. 

My suggestion? Choose Jansz to kickstart a swanky and sophisticated night in Amsterdam. The vibes evoke great conversation, big ideas and culinary appreciation. I'll return when I find myself back in a city I've come to love. 

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Always hungry,

Salvatore DiBenedetto

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