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King Charles Inn: A Noble Stay in Charleston

King Charles Inn: A Noble Stay in Charleston

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [The Grubfather]

237 Meeting St, Charleston, SC(843) 723-7451

Noble, stylish and approachable are the three key words that spring to mind when I think of my stay at Charleston’s King Charles Inn. The hotel is home to a variety of very attractive amenities and sits in the heart of Charleston’s gorgeous historic district. Sleek designs infiltrated with Southern Charm paint an ideal stay for all kinds of travelers, be it romantic, business or adventure. 

Location rules all when it comes to the King Charles Inn. Surrounded by historic sites, lively shops and a thriving food scene, the Inn plays host at a supremely quintessential location. Fortunately guests do not have to substitute this ideal positioning for a lack of quality accommodations as the King Charles Inn delivers a great experience from the moment you walk through its doors. 

The style of the King Charles Inn is Southern and sophisticated without any signs of pretentiousness. In fact, the Inn maintains a closeness to the familiarity of a traditional hotel yet is able to stake its ground with novelty and originality. Rooms at the Inn embody this formula which makes for a relaxing yet swanky experience. 

Aside from its charming energy, the King Charles Inn offers up several amenities that make it a dynamic choice to stay in the Holy City: 

Outdoor Sundeck with Pool & Fountain: Though it was too cold during my January stay to enjoy the pool and sundeck, I could imagine travelers in the warmer months taking great advantage of the terrace.

Complimentary Parking: You’ll be hard pressed to find another hotel in the area offering this which is a key component to anyone who has driven to the Holy City or has rented a car during their stay. 

Complimentary Wifi: An expected amenity with high speed performance. 

Complimentary Access to Local gym: The pass to Eco-Fitness worked with no issue and I found the gym to suit all of my fitness needs. 

Onsite Cafe/Pub with Breakfast Fare & Alcohol: BREW, which serves as the Inn’s inclusive pub & cafe, is a great place to catch a delicious homemade quiche (among other breakfast selections) and a variety of beers, wines and cocktails during the day and at night. 

The conclusion? You’ll be more than pleased with your stay at the King Charles Inn. By enabling its guests with luxe location, unbeatable amenities and stylish Southern charm, it’s a truly noble choice when choosing your hotel in the Holy City. 

37 Meeting St, Charleston, SC | (843) 723-7451

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