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Corinthia Budapest: Historic Luxury & Grand Architecture in Eastern Europe

Corinthia Budapest: Historic Luxury & Grand Architecture in Eastern Europe

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [@TheGrubfather]

Truth be told, I went into Budapest knowing very little about the city or what it had to offer. However a stay at Corinthia’s Budapest property opened my eyes to the city’s spirit through design, hospitality and overall cadence. Budapest is steeped in stories, from war-riddled tales to an enlivened new chapter of heritage that’s starting to make big waves in the travel community. Upon my arrival, I started to understand why…

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Arrival to Corinthia Hotel Budapest

A rickety taxi drive through Budapest, (which is by all means an Old World city) proved to be just as charming as a limo ride through Paris. The city’s grand architecture may be roughed up, but it feels good… There is a sense of glory that resonates from the cracks. 

Pulling up to Corinthia Budapest was an inspiring moment, especially against the city’s more rustic backdrop. The property delivers the city justice through its grand design and history. Inside I was mesmerized by the sweeping marble staircase helmed by golden statues. It was a moment.

Getting Lost in the Grandeur 

There is no shortness of architectural satisfaction at the Corinthia. So much so, the design worked as a narration to the history of the hotel and even Budapest at large. One thing I valued quite a bit was the property’s ability to channel historic luxury while blending in modern amenities.

As with Corinthia London, the hotel sets the stage for you to feel an elevated sense of self. I stay true to the idea that some of my fondest memories can be found in the smaller moments. Floating in the hotel’s famed indoor pool, listening to live jazz from the atrium below my balcony’s window and smooth sips of Cuban cigar smoked rum… These are the details that I look back on the most vividly.

Dining at Corinthia

As with all of my stays at a Corinthia property, the food program was right on point. From a jazz infused brunch in the atrium to a wild display of culinary technique at Caviar & Bull, elements of various cuisines could be found through the hotel.

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The Atrium

Set between walls of windows that reach up to a glass ceiling, the Atrium delivers on natural lighting, open space and stylish aesthetic. Weekend brunch came equip with endless options of food and live music, a nice touch amidst the ambiance.

I also returned Brasserie & Atrium during a night service, indulging in a nicely cooked New York Strip. It was the libation though that was the catalyst: A cuban cigar smoked rum, house infused and served in a cigar smoked skull. Charmed.

Caviar & Bull

What a spot. Vision, taste, texture, conceptualization, all are tested and brought to life at Caviar & Bull. The menu rides the line between experimental and traditional, giving the restaurant a vision that diners of all kinds could grasp.

The lobster popcorn, squid ink dusted fried calamari, bull's tail tortellacci and steaks all delivered. Cocktails, including classic, signature and bespoke, all were impressive. In fact, I would say it’s essential to start or end your meal with one of the libations. The design of the space lends into this energy of gastronomy and mixology, smooth sailing you into an indulgent experience.


When I got to Budapest, I was coming off a 2 week bender of food through the UK, Amsterdam and Germany. As an Asian culinary fanatic, you could say I was craving the taste that only Asian food can satisfy. Rickshaw, in that light, was a treat. Nestled into Corinthia, the charming oriental design is a total getaway from the hotel’s European grandeur. The menu is as well, serving up food from various countries across the Far East.


I had the honor of touring the hotel guided by Tibor Meskál, on paper he is the senior duty manager, but really he is part of the hotel’s soul. The property is knee deep in history, but the passion and rigor in which Tibor expressed through his story-telling was what inspired me most. To me, there is no better indication of a great operation than a dedicated staff.

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My stay in Budapest gave me an admiration for all the offerings the city had. Corinthia proved to be the perfect location to launch my adventures too, with culinary clad grounds and comfortable proximity to the sights.

Always hungry,

Salvatore DiBenedetto

Visit Corinthia Hotel Budapest’s Site

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