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Corinthia London: Timeless Charm in the Big Smoke

Corinthia London: Timeless Charm in the Big Smoke

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [@TheGrubfather]

All great hotels bring life to elements of the city whose land it sits upon. London’s historical allure and sophisticated elegance shine brightly at Corinthia London, where elegance blends seamlessly with artistic soul. What makes this property even more special is its commitment to cuisine, boasting restaurants and bars that are truly quite exceptional.


I pulled up to Corinthia in a hazy British morning, immediately impressed with its pristine location. London was buzzing but doormen, adorned with top hats, swung open doors to reveal a world of its own. 

Awaiting inside was captivating displays of botanicals that led the way to the iconic Baccarat Crystal Moon, which hangs gracefully over the high tea lounge. Floral aromas, which float through every corner of the hotel, bring a sense of zen and peace.

Just by being here, I felt an elevated sense of self. This feeling only heightened as I pushed open the door to my suite. 

The Iconic River Suite

Traveling aggressively over the past few years has allowed me to experience many types of hotel rooms, but I’ve yet to find one like the River Suite at Corinthia. Both the bedroom and living room are lined with windows that peer out into stellar views along the Thames River, including a wondrous view of the London Eye. There was actually a moment of shock as I pushed the curtain revealing this view, it was as if a dream had come to fruition. 

The aesthetic of the room is posh but not overbearing, allowing the views which surround it outside to work as pieces of natural art.

Cuisine Sets The Stage for The Hotel’s Story

Food and I have become quite close through the years. It’s a very definitive part of how I remember a place; be it a restaurant, a hotel or even a destination. Corinthia is enriched when it comes to cuisine as a variety of high quality restaurants can be found throughout the property. Where the hotel truly sets its marker is in the fact that regardless of if you stay here or not, a trip to any of these could be considered a London essential.

Elegance in The Crystal Moon Lounge

I feel confident in saying my Champagne High Tea at Corinthia’s Crystal Moon Lounge was the most elegant experience of my life. Piano notes and foreign accents contrasted quite nicely against the sound of tea and champagne hitting glass. I was lucky to be joined by two mates who I could easily carry conversation with. 

Pro Tip: A high tea of this caliber is best enjoyed with company who you want to engage with.  It’s an experience you’ll want to sink fully into, void of cell phone overuse and needless scrolling. 

Courses of quintessential tea sandwiches, scones and pastries were devoured almost instantly at our table. Easily the best scones & clotted cream I’ve ever had (my British friend Rikesh confirmed my enthusiasm with a similar statement) but it was the sandwiches that took me by surprise. I never knew cucumber and butter could taste so good. 

Superior Pub Food at Kerridge’s Bar & Grill 

Let me start off by saying that I ate at Kerridge’s Bar & Grill on its opening day. The buzz in the dining room was well structured around the impressive art and statues, that I later found out were crafted by Tom Kerridge’s wife, Beth. Service, from appetizer to dessert was pristine, warm and helpful.

Chef Tom Kerridge is by all means a legend in the UK’s culinary world. He’s earned Michelin stars at his famed The Hand & Flowers gastro-pub and is well known for his stints on BBC and television beyond. Opening his first London restaurant at Corinthia made this moment instantly monumental and I felt pretty blessed to be able to have a seat. I even got to catch up with Chef Kerridge for a light chat and his humbleness was quite refreshing!

As far as the cuisine, standouts were undeniably the rotisserie selections, glazed omelette lobster thermador and the fish n chips (made with pristine brill). I’ll let the lobster thermidor video I captured speak for itself and also note that the fish n chips is utterly brilliant. A cross of buttery smooth fish and crispy batter that still has me in a state of craving.

Those with a taste for humble eats but an appreciation for fine cuisine will thrive in Kerridge’s London outpost. It comes highly recommended from me, that’s for damn sure.

The Spirit of New Orleans at Bassoon 

My nights always ended at Bassoon, tucked into the bar’s brooding, yet comfortable energy. Funky art inspired by New Orlean’s style meshes quite well with a menu of top notch cocktails. After making my way through a variety of Bassoon’s signatures, I’m comfortable in urging mixologist lovers to make their way to one of the bar’s stools if they find themselves in London. 

My top suggestions? The toasted coconut old fashion, miso milk punch or Bergamot Negroni. However I was also quite impressed with the bartender’s abilities to craft a drink based on a few of my preferences as well. A true sign of a great bar, in my opinion. 


I learned a lot about appreciation during my stay here. Small details like fresh flowers and warm smiles reminded me of the simple things that often go overlooked but shouldn’t. The bigger highlights, like the Baccarat crystal moon and monumental views of the Thames River, inspired me to keep pushing towards my goals while taking a moment to see how far I’ve come. Personally, I felt like I reached a new level of travel and I’m sure you will as well.

Always hungry,

Salvatore DiBenedetto


Interested in staying or eating at Corinthia London?

Visit their website by clicking here. 

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