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Four Seasons Lisbon: Luxury atop the Hills

Four Seasons Lisbon: Luxury atop the Hills

Written by Salvatore DiBenedetto [@TheGrubfather]

The Four Seasons Hotel Ritz is billed as one of the most iconic addresses in Lisbon. Its supreme luxury and hospitality has garnered the property a pristine reputation within the city’s hospitality scene. Art can be found in abundance at Hotel Ritz, while cuisine excels from brunch to pasteis de nata. Yet above all else, this Four Seasons outpost seems to be able to capture something priceless… a story. I was all ears.


I had already been in Lisbon for a few days prior to pulling up to the Hotel Ritz. It’s easily one of my favorite cities in the world. By day I was chasing fresh seafood amidst historic sights, and by night, I was acquainting myself with citizens from across the globe while inhaling caipirinhas on the streets of Bairro Alto. Pulling up to the Four Seasons, I knew I was about to undertake a different experience, one of relaxation and harmonized leisure.

Luxury with an Artistic Touch

Art of all dimensions floats throughout the property. It’s carved in the walls, suspended in the air and even sprung from vases. The visual displays began upon my arrival, where a cloud of hanging florals were suspended from the ceilings, roots dangling loosely in the air. The aroma of fresh flowers only aided the 360 perspective of this thought provoking display.

The Four Seasons is also home to the largest collection of contemporary Portuguese art in Lisbon. Hand wove tapestries, statues and paintings create a charmed vibe - reminiscent of a charmed, luxe art gallery.

An Essential Brunch Buffet

(even if you don’t stay here)

Diving into the brunch was kind of an off the whim decision. After checking into the room, I got a bit lost in the interior of the property. My eyes caught a buzzing dining room filled with tables alit with food, so naturally I found my way in there. Shortly after, I found myself at a table filled with plates of incredible varietals of cuisine.

The buffet was €65 per person, but with great reason. Let’s start with the standout: The Sushi Station. I’m a sushi fanatic and addict, eat it once a week religiously and have tried it on many of my adventures abroad. The selection here is among the best I’ve had, especially for a buffet. The brunch’s chef-helmed sushi table was cranking out pieces of sushi and fusion rolls alike. It was intensely fresh, melting in the mouth like butter. I wasn’t surprised to learn the fish was local to Portuguese waters. I’ll let the pictures tell the story on that one.

A grilling station equip with octopus, steak, chicken and other proteins also provided tender cuts of finely cooked meat. Pastries of all kinds adorned tables like little pieces of art and for those keen on oysters, you’ll be satisfied at the shellfish station as well. I’d say that the brunch embodies an elegance that shouldn’t be missed, even if you don’t plan on staying at the hotel. Your loved one will be impressed, trust me.

A Rooftop That Tells Lisbon’s Story

When you find yourself on the Four Season’s rooftop, you’ll discover two things: An insane panoramic view of Lisbon and a visually stimulating, state-of-the-art gym so coveted it was recently used by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The sunsets and sunrises are equally intense, serving up a backdrop that presses the skyline in a way that makes the stay priceless. Runners and joggers will appreciate the outdoor track which the rooftop is also home to.


The Ritz is a classic example of European luxury and a noble showing by the Four Seasons. Though a more expensive option, those who take priority in polished hotels will find themselves a proper home-base for a Lisbon adventure, even if for a few nights after taking in the town.

Always hungry,

Salvatore DiBenedetto


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