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Assistant Coordinator 


Assistant Coordinator: The job of assistant coordinator is to assist with a variety of tasks that aid in the execution of social media client campaigns and branding initiatives. Individual should be motivated to be part of a growing company as the future of this job has a variety of opportunity for expanded work and career advancement. 

Requirements: Proficiency with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Google. Must have ability to take quality photos via smartphone or camera and have great grammar skills. Must be able to report to Western Suffolk County daily with occasional travel during remote hours. Team player with good energy. Love and interest for food, culture, travel, lifestyle, branding and marketing. 

Preferences: Experience taking quality photos or avid desire to learn. Restaurant or hospitality industry experience. Understanding of Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox business tools. 

Above all else, applicant should be HUNGRY for opportunity. We're willing to train the right person! 

Tasks: Content creation, administrative work and overall execution of social media and strategy to assistant with client campaigns. 

Schedule: 16 hours in person, up to 4 hours remote work.  

Compensation: Competitive. To be determined upon experience. Bonus initiatives. Dining perks. 

Assistant Coordinator 


Email the following questions + your answers along with your professional resume. Please make email subject - I'M THE ONE, HIRE ME! 

How did you hear about this application? 

What is your availability? 

Which of your past experiences do you think qualifies you most for this position? 

What is your biggest goal in the next 5 years? 

Talk to me about how you see food. There's no right or wrong answer here, just go. 

Where do you want to visit most in the world? Why? 

Where are you located? 

What phone do you have? 

Do you have a camera? If so, what? 

What is your experience with photography? 

What is your favorite social media application? Why?

What motivates you? 

Your favorite restaurant? 

What's been the biggest achievement in your life thus far?

What is your biggest flaw when it comes to work? Be honest. 

What are your means of transportation? 

Have you been convicted of a crime or have any criminal record?